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A 911 call

Lights are off.

A radio being turned on is heard. Volume rising, lot of background noise. A phone is picked up; dial tone, 3 notes and the ringing sound on the other end. The call is answered.

  • Operator – 911, what’s your emergency?
  • Caller – There’s someone or something in my house right now! Please help me, I’m scared as shit and I don’t know what to do…(sobs)
  • Op – Ok ma’am, are you ok? Are you hurt?
  • Ca – No…Yeh…I mean, no I’m not hurt, but I’m not ok. WAIT! I hear footsteps coming…(silence, then unintillegible whispering)…John, and he said he’d be here right-away, and then I heard the front door being opened…and then (crying and sobbing)…haven’t heard from him again.
  • Op – Ma’am, please, calm down. Where are you? Can you please give me your address?
  • Ca – (sobs) it’s (address)…please come as quickly as possible! I can’t get out of my room! He’ll know I’m here, and I don’t know what he can do to me…please hurry (intense crying is heard)
  • Op – Calm down ma’am, I already have 3 units going over to your house…they’ll be there in less than 8 minutes. Is the man in your house armed in any way? Have you seen a gun, a knife, something?
  • Ca – No…I don’t know. I was in my bed. And I remember suddenly waking up, and he was at the door…I mean, my bedroom’s door! I’ve never EVER been so scared in my life! Please, you gotta (Caller shuts down inmediately, and lowers her voice, almost to an Unadible volume)…oh my God, oh my God, he’s at my door again! I see the shadow of his feet across the small gap between the door and the floor. He’s standing right there!
  • Op – …uhm…is the door locked?
  • Ca – Yah, but don’t think that will hold him for too long…
  • Op – Is there anywhere you can hide until the police arrives?
  • Ca – (silence)
  • Op – Ma’am! Is there anywhere you can hide until the police arrives?
  • Ca – No!…under the bed, maybe…
  • Op – Crawl under the bed, and wait there! Police will be there in less than 6 minutes.
  • Ca – Ok, I’m (unintillegible whispering) safe, I don’t know, I’m….I’m…Oh God, please help me….he’s still there! Wait…he’s saying something…(mumbling is overheard, and a strong bang, along with a high scream from Caller)…he knows I’m here! (sobs)…He went away from my door! There are no shadows anymore…
  • Op – Did you hear him go away?
  • Ca – No…but his feet suddenly disappeared….
  • Op – Ok, stay right where you are, don’t move…and don’t worry ma’am, police are coming…I’ll be here with you the whole time. Can you please tell me your name?
  • Ca – …Kathy, Kathy Holmes.
  • Op – Ok Kathy, I’m Amanda, and we’ll get you out of there, safe. Do you hear me?
  • Kathy Holmes – Yes…please hurry.
  • Amanda – Is there any other person in the house, besides the intruder?
  • KH – No…my father is out of town, and my sister is staying at a friend’s…but John came over when I called, and I just don’t know if he’s inside, or what happened to (crying)
  • A – Have you seen the intruder, have you seen how he looks?
  • KH – (sobs)
  • A – Kathy! I need you to stay focused…Stay with me Kathy! Have you seen how he looks?
  • KH – …when I woked up, I saw him at my bedroom’s door…but I was still sleepy, so I’m not sure…
  • A – Wait, what do you mean, that he was at your bedroom’s door? Did he see you?
  • KH – (sobs)…looking straight right at me…I closed my eyes just for a moment, and then he was gone from my door…
  • A – …did…ah…he saw you, and didn’t even enter the room?
  • KH – (desperate crying)
  • A – Kathy…
  • KH – (calming down)…Amanda…do you believe in ghosts?
  • A – …
  • KH – Do you, Amanda?
  • A – Are you trying to tell me…
  • KH – (crying)…I called him…one day, playing with my friends…I CALLED HIM!…and now…he…now…(desperate crying)
  • A – I…just…
  • KH – (desperate crying and sobbing)
  • A – What do you mean, you called him?
  • KH – (sobs, unintillegible whispering) friend, how was supposted to know how to call a ghost and then call him out…but she didn’t…and ever since, things happened at my house, but never this. Never this…
  • A – Ok, stay hidden Kathy, we’ll take you out of your…
  • KH – (interrupting) he knows…and he’s here to take me. I know…(crying)
  • A – (tensed)…he’ll take you no-where, police is less than 2 minutes away…
  • KH – I don’t want to go…I…Oh fuck, oh shit, he’s at my door again! He’s there!
  • A – Kathy, police are arriving! Stay with me!
  • KH – He’s trying the door-knob! It’s locked…but he’s tryi…HE OPENED THE DOOR!
  • A – Wait right there Kathy! The police is entering your home, stay with…
  • A – Kathy! Oh God, Kathy! Kathy, can you hear me? (silence, only some background sound) Kathy! Hello? Kath…
  • Caller – (male voice, low pitched and deep) Gone

Phone is hunged up. Radio’s volume is reduced, and turned off.

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