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A day in the life

Lights dim in.

A man and a dog. He’s sitting down on a huge piece of wood, and has his left hand on his dog’s head. The dog is sitting on the man’s left side, and they are both staring at the same direction. Water flowing on a river is overheard, and the sun is setting down. Man starts talking without moving his head.

  • Man – Well Mrs. Shackles…it’s being time to go home now. Been running for quite some time now, haven’t we? I know…I’m the one who’s running, and you’re just running with me. And that’s why, among other things, I love you (patts the dog’s head). But now is my time to go back home, and face the consecuence of my deeds. Home…if that’s how I can call it. More a past’s pit stop, that’s what I call it. Home…haven’t been home since Susan’s death (pauses, and swallows). Susan…I can barely remember her face now. But Lord, was she beautiful (dog looks up). Don’t get all jealous on me, you know you’re my girl now. But Susan…well, sometimes seems like the Lord has his funny ways of telling that he loves us. If only I could see her one more time, I believe…no, I KNOW I would be able to look at the past, and see some light, not just the shadows I see now. Because I know past isn’t always pleasant, and sometimes, if we could re-do it, we would…but shadows, that’s a first (laughs quietly, and it turns into cough). Shadows…oh girl, you know I’m not a coward, but not being able to see is what frightens me the most; and not being able to see into my past, that’s more of a torture than anything that has happened to my until now (weeps)

Silence. River keeps flowing, and sun is almost gone.

  • Man – Have you ever wondered how would be like  to die? Take out the suffering from the passing, I mean just death. Is it really like hibernating an endless winter? Or more like a warm summer nap, which you just don’t wanna wake up from? I bet is an in-between…the Lord ain’t that good, but I’m sure as hell, contradiction aside, that he ain’t bad. Divine justice, heaven…even the angels! Well, you got good things there. Along with peanut butter (laughs). At least, that’s what I hope. But besides all, I just hope he burns in hell (dogs looks up). No, not God you stupid brat. Him (stresses his voice). The murderer. Susan’s murderer. My wife’s murderer. That bastard. Hope God gave him his piece of the pie…fucking animal. Well, not animal. Fucking…whatever. Monster. Yes, monster. Because that is what he was. But now we won’t do no harm. (Whipes the tears in his eyes)

Sun is completely set. Stars are shinning, in a moon-less sky. The dog is now laying on the ground.

  • Man – Justice. Does that even mean something to us now? Justice…7 letters that make up a word I don’t fully understand. And I’m it’s victim. Susan’s also. Justice. It’s no wonder it has the same amount of letters of one word that seems more proper: Revenge. That’s my justice. I didn’t want to…but they let me no other choice (snobs). And that’s my sin, I just hope God can understand. I don’t care about people. You know I don’t. And there are my shadows. The shadows from my past, the shadows from my present. And I’m here. My future’s ahead, but my past in the middle. Why? Why this? Why to me? Why to my wife? Oh God, why? (starts to cry)

The man calms down. Then he stands up, and so does the dog.

  • Man – Let’s go, Mrs. Shackles…it’s time. I know they won’t forgive me, as I didn’t forgive him. It’s human nature. And I don’t blame them. Well…I do. But that doesn’t mean I won’t pay for what I did. Because I did it, and I wanted to do it. And now, I wish I didn’t. (Silence). Would you forgive me? (Looks at the dog, and the dog looks back). That’s why I love you. Well, let’s go Mrs. Shackles. Let’s go home.

Man and dog walk out of sight. River keeps flowing. Light dims out.

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