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Life is, life provides…life sucks

January 8, 2011 1 comment

Lights on. People talking in the back. Lounge music playing, low volume. Outside, sun shines.

Caffee. Two people. Two friends, actually…and some beer on the table. No popcorn. Just beer. Yeah…they were friends allright.

  • Friend 1 – Really? You gotta be kiddin’ me, how come? Two days ago you weren’t even joining us, and now…all of a sudden…
  • Friend 2 – Yap, I know…don’t know what to say, just…life, dude. It’s just life. Allmighty life.
  • F1 – Well yeah…I mean, I know life, trust me; you remember how it was before, phone all the time, texting…tweeting, for God’s sake. And now, I’m just ME again. It’s like you’ve been away from home long enough to come back and see that everything has been falling off, but you’re still on time to fix it. Well, that’s me right now, fixing everything. Or at least, trying
  • F2 – Well mate, I’ve also been away from home long enough to realize that my home hasn’t been properly taken care of, and there’s no one to blame but me. And my God am I blaming me!…but I forgave me. I mean, I had to…how could I live with myself, if I didn’t?
  • F1 – Hahaha, true…and the weird part is that I totally get how you feel. It’s like I’ve been there before. Life can be a bitch, it can.
  • F2 – Yap it can, but we’ve got to live with it. Anyways, all I wanted to say is that I’ve changed, and hope I will remain this way. It’s tough, I’ll give you that, but I’m a pretty stubborn guy, and I’ll prove it to everyone! -quick smile-

They stare at their glasses for a minute. They’re half way empty, but they both believe that are half way full…Friend 1 lean up his head, and lifts his glass in a “want another one?” sign, to which Friend


2 nodds. Friend 1 make a quick sign, the waitress undestands, and inmediately goes to the bar to pick another bottle of beer.

  • F1 – Well…how’s she? I mean, after everything you’ve gone through…this has to be one huge slap-in-da-face. Will she keep living in the department, o will she move out as well?
  • F2 – Nah…she’ll keep living there. I mean, that’s what she told me; we’ll have to make all the proper arrangements, but it’s doable. It’s not like we have purchased the place, we’re just renting…so, she’ll be in charge of everything and eventually, when the contract ends (8 months, if I’m not mistaken) she’ll have to see what to do. But until then…she’ll live there. They down side is that I still love her…but I need some time, dude. Been delaying to do things I always wanted, just to be together. And it’s not that I want to be with another woman, or anything like that…it’s just that life’s clock keeps ticking, and we’re not being any younger. Remember back when we were in high-school, and thought life, or what we expected life to be, was so far away? It ain’t anymore…it’s here. This is life. And I gotta do what I’m here to do. Don’t know how long it’ll take me, but joining you guys will be my first step. If I have to be completely honest with you, I wanted it to be this way; I’m feeling pretty gulty and miserable right now, and I’m not sure I could take my first step on my own. So, I’m pretty grateful it turned out this way.
  • F1 – If I were in your shoes, I think it would be pretty much the same way. But as you said (beer arrives, and the waitress start pouring it on the empty glasses in front of them)…thank you sweetie; life’s ticking, and the battery won’t go on forever
  • F2 – (leaning back in the chair) I know…but stil, I hope life could go on forever. No. Not forever. At least, until I can do everything I’ve ever wanted. And looking at my life until now, it will take a while (laughs).
  • F1 – Well, it ain’t. So, you better get on the run.
  • F2 – I guess you are right.

They both keep quiet, listening to the music. A funky tune is up, and lights dim a little.

  • F1 – Well now, talking about the trip, has everything been taken care of?
  • F2 – Yap, the only thing missing is a cab from the airport to the hostel, but everything is done. (Friend 3) will arrive a little sooner, his flight departs one hour before ours, but he’ll wait for us there…and (Friend 4) is already there, so no need to worry about him. Anyway, we’ll stay at his place for a couple of days…I mean, we’ll first stay at the hostel for 4 o 5 days, and then will go to his house…he lives on a different village, around 500 kms away. So, I wanted to stay a couple of days first on this place, and then move on. And once we arrive at his place, we’ll see what we’ll do. Seemed the best way.
  • F1 – Fine by me…Well, life keeps moving. But now, I’m moving too.
  • F2 – Yap…as you once said: life is, life provides…life sucks.
  • F1 – Amen, bro. Amen.

They keep talking, and laughing, but can be heard anymore. A lot of people talking. Laughs. Sun isn’t up anymore.

Light dim out.