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Things Men Can or Can’t Do

10 Things Men Can Do

  • Eat and watch porn
  • Chat and watch porn
  • Talk over the phone and watch porn
  • Remember 20 synonyms to the word pinus
  • Learn by hard 2 or 3 subjects to talk about on a first date
  • ALWAYS have room for an extra beer
  • Say he loves you, and be thinking about another piece of ass at the very same time
  • Get dressed in less than 30 seconds
  • Leave his clothes on the floor for 5 days…and don’t care
  • Strip someone with his own bare eyes

10 Things Men Can’t Do

  • Pull up the toilet’s seat
  • Pull down the toilet’s seat
  • Watch a football game and do ANYTHING at the same time
  • Remember when his gf is supposed to have her period
  • Remember anything from his first date with his gf
  • Remember to buy underwear
  • Remember anything
  • Answer honestly to the question “how many girls have you slept with?…”
  • Own a small dog
  • Wear tight jeans, and not feel gay

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