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Things Women Can or Can’t Do

10 Things Women Can Do

  • Grown up pijama parties
  • Sleep in the same bed with another woman
  • Experiment with homosexuality
  • Live with their parents until 30
  • Fake an orgasm
  • Spend all their salary on clothes
  • Tell everyone they have undergone plastic surgery
  • Wear thongs
  • Touch another girl’s ass
  • Thing about what’s on TV while having sex

10 Things Women Can’t Do

  • Change a flat tire
  • Remember ANY sport’s score
  • Know a secret, and don’t feel the urgent need to gossip about it
  • Have sex and don’t expect the guy to call back
  • Go to the Gym not wearing make up
  • See a baby and don’t talk in high-pitch-baby-mode
  • Park their car in less than 7 moves
  • Pay on the first date
  • Watch Discovery Channel
  • Watch porn

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