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Shit just seems to happen

…really? Happy new year! I love you. You gotta be kidding me! Strawberries? Metallica is playing live! Crap, back to school. You’re pregnant? And you too? Thank you! Ain’t life a bitch? I’m getting a raise! Second car. Uruguay. Wanna go to the beach. Kill them all.

Justice, in Argentina? God, I love my life. Well, seems like we’ll be living here. When are we going to New York? It’s way to expensive. Mom got the job! Ok, I gotta loose some weight. Don’t wanna go to the shrink no more. Stephen King, such a good writter…but so boring sometimes. Are we meeting again? Wanna play rugby again, but I’d rather watch the NFL on TV. Am I still playing the guitar?OMG, I’m an uncle (for the third time). We should totally go bagpacking. How much? Argentina did not win the football WC…Maradona sucks. I hate him. Sometimes, not just the good ones die. Stand up comedy. I hate my work. I love my work. Brazil. Took five subjects. Holidays? Massive Attack, live? No MJ, just booze. Ray ban. Tommy? I will be purchasing Xmas gifts, for all. Another raise! Are you moving out? Why won’t he die? After office. LSD. They are coming back to town! Yay, we got the airplane tickets to NYC! Really, theater? Wanna go to the Green Day gig! New laptop! Mom, are you sure? Hey bro, how’s dad? Got a new phone! Love Android. Copycat? I’m so in love. Wanna fuck. Shit, did I just say that? How come? Car crash. Car crash, again. Hey, I’m not feeling that good. Wanna go out with my friends. No, really, I’m ok.

Wow, has this year already ended?…It was good, for as long as it lasted. Hope you had a good time 2010. I’m sure as hell I did.

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